Thursday, August 13, 2009

Conceptions Francais.

Introducing my new French Line of pillows. Each pillow is hand sewn for you by me personally and is constructed of the same earth friendly materials as the Latin pillows. All pillows have down and feather inserts.

French Crown
Beautiful French crown with fleur de lys and French writing beneath the image. $75.00

Foi, Espoir, Amour
Faith, Hope, Love printed with a gorgeous angel image. This pillow measures 12"x20". I only have a few left in this size. However the 18"x18" are available in either two tone or solid. $75.00

Simplifier Vie, Magnifier Vivant
Simplify Life, Magnify (Exalt) Living surrounded by a beautiful laurel wreath. $75.00

Le Bonne Vie
The Beautiful Life imposed over a lovely laurel wreath with a fleur de lis in the center. $75.00

Choose from two tone burlap or solid burlap in either dark or light burlap. Custom orders welcome. E-mail me at

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Latin Phrases

Have you ever felt like you just expanded your wings a little and your heart soars because of it? That is how I feel about launching these Latin inspired pillows. I want to thank my good friend and mentor Kim Kelly at Bella Rustica for her guidance, encouragement and inspiration, gratia.

Pillows are a quick and easy way to add freshness and inspiration to your decor. I have chosen each graphic to enhance an inspirational Latin phrase or word. These pillows are elegant and inspiring. They add unexpected style and elegance to any decor. Each pillow is designed and hand sewn personally by me. They are constructed of natural fiber burlap and filled with down and feather pillow forms.

DECORUS VITA" - The Decorated Life imposed over a laurel wreath, fleur de lis and crown image.

CARPE DIEM" - Seize the Day , shown in two tone, natural & dark burlap or solid dark burlap

"Salvete" - Be in Good Health, shown in two tone or solid burlap

"BELLUS VITA" -The Beautiful Life

"DIVINITIS" - Divine Influence

"HIC HABITAT FELICITAS" - Happiness Dwells Here

I encourage you to send me your ideas, comments and suggestions at Decorus Vita.
Soon I will be introducing my French and English Dictionary pillows in addition to other new items so keep checking back or e-mail me at