Monday, November 1, 2010

And the winner is....

As you can see I needed some serious assistance with this important task and Spiderman agreed to help out.

Drum roll please....

Congratulations DAVID MCGRIEVEY of New York, you are the winner!! David also left a funny comment which I share with you here. "I used to scream "Carpe Diem" at my lazy cat every morning who refused to get out of bed."

So many of you popped over to enter my give-away and join as followers. I'm excited about all my new friends. Thank you all for your lovely comments, you are all winners. A special thanks to Julie at BeingRuby for your help and instruction.


  1. OH... Lucky David!!! and his lazy cat!!! I'm sure they will both be excited.. haha...And good work Spiderman!!

    Thanks so much for the mention... it was my pleasure.. ciao xxx Julie

  2. Thank you so very much for this pillow, "Carpe diem" will remind me of my dead cat who refused to get out of bed. I am over the painful phase.
    I want a dog next, I looked at very bad puppies yesterday at the adoption agency in SoHo. Should I get one, I shall hide the pillow until it learns not to eat cherished items.
    Thank you again.
    X David, NYC

  3. Dear Patsy,
    I think that is your name, at least that's what Julie calls you but she is sometimes Ruby so I do not know for sure who anybody really is. The point is, I added you to my sidebar, my humble way of properly thanking you. You are listed under the "WOMEN WITH INTERIOR MOTIVES section with a picture and link.
    Please thank mini Spiderman for me as well.
    X David

  4. The pillow arrived today at my upstate address,
    I'll be dividing my time between NYC and upstate for a while.
    I am still in the city but am told the pillow is beautiful and am planning to use it on my front porch this summer. I cannot believe I will have a porch, I may never return back to the city.
    Thank you again for your generosity.
    X David